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Our goals

The Seven Summits Sinai Challenge seeks to give Egypt a world class mountain challenge, boosting outdoors tourism for the benefit of its remote Bedouin communities. Some of the most spectacular mountains in the Middle East and the world are in the Sinai. Nevertheless, tourism remains low. Its mountains stand largely undiscovered by the wider world. Slowly, projects like the Sinai Trail and Red Sea Mountain Trail are changing that, showing unseen sides of Egypt's wilderness to outsiders. Nevertheless, there's still a long way to go. Our goal is for the Seven Summits Sinai Challenge to be part of a movement of grassroots tourism projects that create a thriving, resilient and accessible outdoors tourism industry for Egypt, in which legitimate jobs and opportunities are available for people in their surrounding communities. We also want the Seven Summits Sinai Challenge to help people from Egypt and all over the world discover the beauty of the Sinai and underline the positive impact deeper connections to wilderness areas can have for individuals and society. 

  • To create a world class mountain challenge which showcases the beauty of Egypt &   boosts safe, responsible participation in Egypt’s beautiful wilderness.

  • To grow an outdoors initiative with a broad appeal, encouraging more Egyptians to discover their country & creating a space for transformational journeys

  • To kindle a sustainable, grassroots economy in the interior of the Sinai that supports marginalised Bedouin communities with legitimate jobs & opportunities. 

  • To support the preservation of traditional Bedouin knowledge and skills, through creating an economy in which they are the main assets.

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